mo & bsd
© | boys like girls - kill me in a record shop

Tonight, tonight
Don't leave me tonight
Reach for me, just one time
As the sun sets behind
Don't say goodbye, goodbye
Don't say goodbye 
6.12.09 15:01


© | the perfect measure - voice of an angel

you'll show the world your smile,
show them what you've done.
open up your eyes.
let them shine like the sun.
sing another song just so I can hear,
the voice of an angel.
wWho makes my problems disappear.
3.12.09 16:24

© | there for tomorrow - wish you away

can I wish you away
until you find your place
in this world it's so hard to get a feel
and all you do is wait
but then one little taste
so caught up it's hard to know what's real
but until you've had all you can take
i'll wish you away ...

2.12.09 20:40

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